The following files are available for free download.  

This spreadsheet will allow you to get all the major measurements right.  You will need to make some basic choices (eg: desired stall speed, engine size…) and the spreadsheet will do all the number crunching for you.

The Roncz aircraft design Spreadsheets:
Roncz Spreadsheets v2.1

The Accompanying Roncz EAA Articles:
sav-1990-02r-cc Feb 1990 article
sav-1990-03r-cc Mar 1990 article
sav-1990-04r-cc Apr 1990 article
sav-1990-05r-cc May 1990 article
sav-1990-06r-cc Jun 1990 article
sav-1990-08r-cc Aug 1990 article (there was no July article)
sav-1990-09r-cc Sep 1990 article
sav-1990-10r-cc Oct 1990 article
sav-1990-11r-cc Nov 1990 article
sav-1990-12r-cc Dec 1990 article
sav-1991-01r-cc Jan 1991 article
sav-1991-02r-cc Feb 1991 article

The EAA is many things to many people, and while many on the flying forums grumble about the EAA having lost its way and forgotten its roots in experimental/homebuilt planes, I find their EAA EXPERIMENTER online magazine simply brilliant.  I eagerly look forward to every new edition, and have provided a link to their archives below.  If you are not already a subscriber, check these out.  You will definitely find these a great read.

EAA_May_2015EAA July 2014

EAA Aug 2014

EAA Sep 2014

EAA Oct 2014

EAA Nov 2014

EAA Dec 2014

EAA Jan 2015

EAA Feb 2015

EAA Mar 2015

EAA April 2015



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